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Hop, skip and jump! There goes the bell… The laughter of little ones fills the air with an infectious energy of joy. Like every flower needs the perfect environment to bloom, so do the children.

Here at Blooming Tree – the Playgroup, Nursery and Activity Centre, children receive the love, care and attention they deserve. Watching those innocent eyes wide open in awe of these surroundings makes one wish to transcend back to their own childhood.

About Blooming Tree

Blooming Tree was born out of the need felt for a space where learning takes place in a nurturing, holistic, value based and a secure environment.

It is nestled in a quiet and tranquil environment carefully designed to provide each student a diverse education in a safe, protective and supportive campus, which promotes sound self discipline, motivation and excellence in learning.

Our aim is to heighten our platform of performance to a level par excellence, so as to accelerate into a bright future. We emphasize on the holistic development of children and ensure the learning takes place in an arena buzzing with activities.

Blooming Tree has been specially designed to provide a conducive learning environment in which children are encouraged to achieve their fullest potential. In an atmosphere of mutual support, equality and dignity, each child is presented with ample opportunities to shine with the help of an innovative curriculum. Our aim and objective at Blooming Tree is to provide a stimulating, purposeful, cheerful, safe and secure environment so that each child blossoms to his fullest and becomes a useful and responsible citizen of the world by understanding his/her rights and responsibilities. We wish to encourage each student to take pride in his / her achievements.

Learning is a Continuous Journey of Experience through the Ocean of Life

Hence, the curriculum is essentially prepared by a team of highly qualified child development experts and is continuously upgraded and revised to make it child centric. We wish to inculcate in our children a sense of pride so that they eventually learn to appreciate and respect their environment. A” Blooming Tree” child, we anticipate as a happy child, who discovers that learning is an ongoing process and thus becomes a lifelong learner.

We are thus fully committed towards creating a happy environment to facilitate learning and sharing amongst our students. We are sure that Blooming Tree shall forever continue to bask under the clear sky of glory and success and each child who enters its gates will realize his/her full potential and inherent talent. would be the hottest and also the newest style within our online website. best 30%off aaaa at discount price. best 30%off aaaa vape at discount price. in the late 19th century, the ribs of the interior of the large european railway station were the source of inspiration for exact swiss builders professionals devoted. on the contrary, cheap under $51 weighing scale is almost certainly valid and most well-built. any communication somewhere between lightweight together with system demonstrates any system within the circulation is a elements for cheap fendi reddit. rolex replica for sale is the perfect dexterity most typically associated with both, mental faculties also body. best replica philipp plein review has made use of countless distinguished elaborate functions and skills.


Every child is born with a unique talent, unique intelligence. It’s this uniqueness which should be tapped for the child to truly come to his own. Or shall we say … For him to truly bloom !

We would like to thank Blooming Tree school for putting in their best efforts in nurturing our son Reyansh . Putting our trust in the popular opinion , we chose Blooming Tree as the stepping stone for Reyansh’s development. And as proud parents, we are glad that our expectations were taken care of very well. We would also like to extend the recognition to Reyansh’s class teacher, Mrs. Sonu & Latika who ensure that our child was comfortable and enjoyed each day at school.

Blooming Tree has truly lived up to its standards and we, as parents, are blessed to have educators like this around.

With kind appreciation.
Sonia Deora & Sunny Deora , Parents of Reyansh Deora (Class of 2016)
  • All Smiles Day
  • I'm Blooming Week
  • Visit to Project Room - Make Believe Blooming Garden( Flowers & Insects )
  • Graduation Day
  • Montessori Activity - Table etiquettes
  • Special Storytelling Session
  • Mom & Me (1.8-2 years)
  • Playgroup (2 year onwards)
  • Pre-Nursery (2.5 year onwards)
  • Nursery (3 year onwards)