Creating a happy, stimulating and sensorially enriching environment in order to kindle the fire of learning and giving the young minds freedom to explore and self discover their inherent potential and talent.

Gurukul Class

Peace Day

Welcoming Summer Week

Mother’s Day Celebration

BLOOMING TREE SUMMER HOBBY CAMP  ( Age 2 – 15 Yrs)        ( 15th May – 5th June’15 )

Courses Offered:  Art &  Craft, Dance, Taekwondo, Theatre,  Scientific Adventures & Flameless Cooking

A Mega Stage Show and Art & Craft Exhibition on 5th June’15, Friday. All the students would be given Summer Camp Certificate.


BARRY JOHN ACTING WORKSHOP ( Age 8 – 15 years)                     (25th May – 19th June’15)

Courses Offered: Training in drama, acting, role plays, improvisation and script writing .

Stage Performance on 20th / 21st June’15

Blooming Tree has always welcomed my child with open…

In Blooming Tree, my child Guraansh has learned many…

I thank Blooming Tree for making all those classroom…

  • Mom & Me Programme (age 18 months – 2 yrs)
  • Play Group (2 – 2.5 yrs)
  • Pre Nursery (2.6 – 3 yrs)
  • Nursery (3+ yrs)
  • Activity Centre
    • Taekwondo, Theatre, Dance
    • Special Summer Workshops (2+ – 15 yrs)