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The Blooming Blocks
Childhood days are the most magical and precious time of one's life. Our efforts is to keep this magic alive.Enriching the life of every child, we fill up their hearts with tender love and their lives with wonder. This helps them take their first step in the journey of life. A step they will never forget and cherish throughout their lives.

The Seedlings – Mom & Me (1.5-2 years)

Under this program, the mother or the primary caretaker along with the toddler attend the school together and engage in a number of Montessori based activities appropriate for this age group. It’s a one and a half hour program, and is conducted thrice a week. The timings are from 10.00 am to 11.30 am and days are Monday, Wednesday & Friday. It is mandatory for the child to be accompanied by a parent. The classroom accommodates a maximum of 6 children with one teacher. The children familiarize themselves with the classroom and build it as their own special place and participate in enriching lesson plans under the supervision of a Montessori trained facilitator. The classroom is carefully prepared and equipped with Montessori apparatus which aims to promote a sense of order and introduce practical life exercises. All educational materials are child friendly and visually attractive for a fruitful learning experience. The children interact with their peer group and take part in a wide range of oral language activities such as story telling and rhyme recitation to enhance their social and language skills. This programme also provides an excellent opportunity for the mothers to understand the developmental milestones of their little ones and also learn better parenting techniques by observing the Teachers.
The Roots
2 years onwards
The Shoots
2.5 years onwards
The Flowers
3 years onwards

The beginning of the journey

The Beginning of the Journey (Transition Period) – “Mama, I’m ready for my first day in school!” The first step in the educational journey of a child is important not only for the child himself, but for the parents and the entire family as well. It is this phase where the child will begin his or her first independent interaction with the outside world – the teachers, the attendants and their peer group.

For some children, adapting to a new environment can be as easy as a cakewalk, but for some others this transition can be slightly challenging. The thought of leaving the comfort zone of their home and going to a new environment can make a few of them anxious. In order to make this transition comfortable, we have a specially designed ‘Transition Program’.

Under this program , the child’s mother or the primary caregiver accompanies the child for the first few days. During this time, mother and child engage in games and other fun activities aimed at making the child familiar to the new environment and comfortable with his facilitators. This not only helps to ease the anxiety levels in both parents and students but also gives the parents a valuable insight into the school activities and functioning. This process continues till the child is totally settled and happy in his new class.